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" Η έρημος και η άνυδρος θέλουσιν ευφρανθή δι' αυτά, και η ερημία θέλει αγαλλιασθή και ανθήσει ως ρόδον."

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Τετάρτη, 19 Αύγουστος 2009 20:30
Dear Grandmother Joan (Donnarummo):


As you are aware of the sad incident of Gojra city of Pakistan, more then 100 homes were burnt till now and more then 9 people were killed and 100s were injured in this incident when a mob of angry redical attacked a Christian village, now there is a very dangerous situation for Christians as police is unable to protect them and people were even fighting with Police. It is even difficult for Christians to get food for them as the people will attack them on the way and loot them. 

Lord may provide everything which they have lost, they dont have shelter as their homes were burnt, they dont have edible as local market people are being forced by the redicals not to sell anything to Christians, evenmore they dont have electricity and water to drink, it is so hot weather in Pakistan and our brothers and sister are having such a difficult time, you might not beleive but it is true that when homes of Christians were set to fire and fire fighters were coming to extinguish the fire, Ms layed in the middle of the road and blocked the way and said that let them brun, they even injured fire fighters and police men who tried to stop them. now this matter have been raised in the international media but there is no action being taken by the govt, authorities have annouanced to help them but our Christians families have not yet received any thing.  our Christian leaders are trying to help them out but they need so much funding to give all of them shelter, food, medical and other necessities of life.
We only have hope in our Lord that He will protect us.
Note:   Please forward this message to as many peoples as you can so they can pray for our Christian families in Pakistan who are in such a difficult time.
God Bless you.
Your Grandson
 Naeem Nasir.
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"May we learn to intercede so wholeheartedly that Jesus Christ will be completely and overwhelmingly satisfied with us as intercessors." 
Oswald Chambers 
Τελευταία Ενημέρωση στις Τετάρτη, 19 Αύγουστος 2009 20:40
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