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" Η έρημος και η άνυδρος θέλουσιν ευφρανθή δι' αυτά, και η ερημία θέλει αγαλλιασθή και ανθήσει ως ρόδον."

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easy and light




Lately, a lot of talk and attention has been focused around a discovery dating back to the seventies,
in the region of Middle Egypt, that has been saved dating from the middle
of the 2nd century AD
and contains a conversation between Jesus Christ and one of his
disciples, Judas from
Iscaria, whose presence does not include any of the other 11 disciples,
and to which has been given the
pseudo title “gospel”.

It’s obvious that this title has been used only because its content is related with the Lord
Jesus Christ’s ministry while here on earth, based on the prototype of the other gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. However, it bears no relation to these Gospels since it does not contain historical events as do the others.

This “hidden gospel” of Judas, which is considered one of the “apocrypha gospels”
can be attributed to the Cainites, one of the dozens of sects of the Gnostics, who declared themselves as followers of Cain and support that he served the general part of God’s Plan for man’s salvation by avoiding his bad example. In addition to the Cainites, the Adamites, followers of Adam and the Ophites, followers of the snake also belonged to this same group of Gnostics. Generally, the Gnostics believed that man had a divine base or quality, having no need for faith, and who can save himself through his knowledge and that all which happens in the world is designed and predetermined by the Good Lord our God.

This new “ gospel ” then, based within this same logic presents Judas as the disciple with
absolute knowledge, who in good will undertakes to serve the plan of God, betraying his Lord.
Thus, an attempt is made to justify Judas’s actions and that all blame can now be attributed not to Judas but to God who planned all of this. With this logic then, not even Satan can be held responsible. In short, this could be considered in more current times, as the “easy and light gospel”.

The world is impressed with similar discoveries. However, all who study and know the Word
of God are well aware of Satan’s methods. One of these is the shifting of responsibilities.
Satan used this method in the Garden of Eden when he put one after the other the first
people to avoid their responsibilities, “…the snake deceived me”, “ … the women which you sent me…” in other words, it is all Your fault God. The same happened with Pilate, when he washed his hands concerning the crucifixion of the Lord. The high priests also said the same to Judas “What is it to us? You see to it!” Matthew. 24:7. Despite this attempt of the Gnostics, Judas took full responsibility for his betrayal and signed his own death sentence.
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